In 2004, World of Warcraft launched and since then, millions of players have battled across Azeroth. Now, over a decade later, Blizzard has announced that they will be creating classic servers to allow everyone to revisit WoW in its original form. This site is for everyone looking to return to the good-old-days of WoW as we venture into the past to remember how it all started.

About Joe Hogan (@EpicGrays)

Joe Hogan is a high school English and Drama teacher living in Palm Springs, California. With a 3 hour daily commute, Joe started listening to podcasts to pass the time and fell in love. Listening each week to Blizzard community shows like Realm Maintenance, Girls Gone WoW and Tauren Think Tank, Joe was inspired to enter the podcasting world himself. He decided to start his own show, but couldn’t settle on a Blizzard theme that he felt was both unique and would hold his interest for a long time. So, he decided to start a more general geek culture podcast and is currently the host of the geektitude podcast, which is dedicated to connecting people with others through the stuff they geek out about.

After about a year of podcasting as the host of geektitude, Joe joined with podcaster Kelley Hightower to create State of the Geek which looks at politics from a geek perspective. Unfortunately, Joe still wasn’t podcasting as a part of the Blizzard community. That all changed with the announcement of World of Warcraft Classic at BlizzCon 2017. Excited by the game that originally got him excited about Azeroth, Joe new he couldn’t take any more time away from his homelife. So, he decided to record a solo podcast on his commute into work. Welcome to Podcast of the Whale!